About Me

 Hi!  I'm Tina Walker and I am a lover of all things Artsy and Crafty! Welcome to my creative space and Thank You for letting me share with you my passion for creating.  This art form is an outlet that allows me to keep my sanity and is a retreat from my daily career responsibilities.  I hope I can inspire you with my projects, tips, and how to’s and you find a home that you will return to often.

I have been crafty my entire life, but approximately 15-20 years ago, I ‘found’ scrapbooking.  I would create in bursts of artistic energy, but only when time allowed.  In 2009 the scrapbooking bug hit me hard when I moved to Salt Lake City, the home to all things Scrapbooking.  This move changed me and being creative became a way of life.  It is something I have to do almost every day to keep my sanity and to ground myself from the daily demands. Even if it is only 15 min or so, I try to create daily; it keeps my mind fresh and grounded. 

My latest creative passion is all things Mixed Media and Artsy.  Mixed Media is a perfect discipline as it includes many products, medium and design techniques.  The possibilities are endless and I never grow tired of the infinite options.  My project selection and medium choice is constantly changing and I like to change things up and keep it interesting.  I love to experiment and I believe there is nothing as a bad mistake.  All ‘mistakes’ are a chance to learn and try new ideas.  As I always say, ‘you can always cover it with Gesso and start over’. 

Much of my inspiration comes from my two (2) French Bulldogs, Moose & Flikka.  I also love vintage, rustic, and anything old.  In addition to creating, I enjoy visiting local Antique markets and handmade shoppes.  I currently live in Pennsylvania, so it the perfect marriage of history, and all things old and vintage 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  I appreciate your visits and I hope I can bring a bit of sunshine to your crafty world!