Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wooden Wall Art with Handmade Paper Flowers


Happy Wednesday!

Today, I have a super simple and super quick home decor project for you.  

 Randomly arrange small wooden circles in a shape that will fit your larger wooden base.

Lay the large flower adhesive stencil on top of the wooden circles and apply Texture Cream.

 Once dry, adhere wooden circles to large wooden base with gel medium.

Paint as desired with various colors of Art-C Ultra Chalk Paint.  I also dry brushed white on top of the colors for an added layer of texture.

 To create the paper flower embellishment, apply Art-C Metallic Acrylic paint to a sheet of Art-C Deli Paper.

 Cut into squares and staple together in the middle.  Trim into a circular shape.

'Fluff' each layer of paper creating a flower shape.

 Finish with coordinating twine and ribbon.

Making handmade Home Decor is a favorite thing to do!  What type of Home Decor project do you like to create?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

One piece of paper used two ways....


Happy Wednesday!

I've been behind the scenes busily working on projects for my various design and creative teams.  Today, I will be creating two projects for Momenta/Art-C using one sheet of paper.

Let's get started!

Grab your favorite Art-C Metallic Acrylic Paints and Art-C Deli Paper.  The Deli paper is like tissue paper, but it comes in a roll and is wonderful for all types of projects.

Using your favorite Art-C Adhesive Stencil (I used Interlocking Squares) apply the metallic paint to the deli paper and allow to dry.  This paper will be used in both of the following projects.

Project #1:  Assemblage Art Doll

The sstenciled deli paper is used to create her custom-made resin wings.  

Shape two pieces of heavy wire into wing shapes.

Place the wire on the stenciled paper and trace around the wings.  Cut out and glue to the wire completely as we will be adding resin to the shape.

Once dry, add clear resin and allow to cure completely.  Once the resin has cured, the white portion of the print will be transparent, so trace the shape of the wing onto a scrap piece of dictionary paper and adhere to the back of the wing.

Now that the wings are ready, let's embellish our girl.

One thing that is so great about the adhesive stencils from Art-C, is that they can be wrapped around 3-dimension objects and stay in place.  

Place your favorite stencil (I used the Flower & Bug Adhesive Stencil) on your art doll and apply Art-C Texture Cream

Now assemble and embellish your art doll with vintage and resin findings.  Combine the old with the new for a eclectic look.  I love the look of angel halo's, so I created one using a Momenta Natural Wood Tag.  Apply Art-C Metallic Paint in various colors and dry.  Embellish with findings for a unique handmade halo.

Finish her off with a hand-stamped sentiment.  

Project #2

 Cut to shape a piece of the stenciled deli paper to line the back of a vintage pocket watch.  Add resin for dimension and allow to cure completely.

Paint watch and resin girl with Art-C Metallic Acrylic paint and wipe off for an aged effect.  

Assemble watch, girl, and other findings for a quirky mixed media project.

I really love having these stenciled sheets of deli paper around for all types of projects, from mixed media to art journaling to scrapbooking.  They are a great way to create yet have stuff ready for more. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Using Stencils with Terracotta Clay


Happy Friday!  Today, I am up on the StencilGirl blog with FOUR new projects!  Yup, that is the number 4!

If you want a short tutorial on how I created each project, you'll have to hop on over to the StencilGirl blog for the details, but in the meantime, here's some peeks at each project.

It all started with this piece of clay, which is a project in itself.

Pieces of this stenciled clay piece, was transformed into these four projects.

Fabric Mini Book
Can you spy the clay and stenciled pieces?

Head vs. Heart Wall Hanging

Look closely for the clay fragments.

Bloom Mini Canvas

and last but not least...

Face Art

This project doesn't use the clay fragments, but uses the same design technique.  Just different stencil.

I guess when you are on roll, you are on a roll!   :)

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a terrific day!